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Peace collaborations in the Ph through  HWPL Chairman Lee 8th Peace Tour

No one can be sure to like or to have war last January 23rd to 26th 2018, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Chairman Man Hee Lee an international peace organization  under UN ECOSOC and his delegation visited the Philippines together with Dir. Hyun Sook Yoon, Acting Chairwoman and Director International Women Peace Group to carry out peace initiatives in the Philippines, starting with a peace agreement with local representatives of Mindanao in 2013.  Establishing " Cooperative Peace Governance", an international law for peace, fostering religiousharmony through inter religious dialogue and spreading a culture of peace.

Chairman was invited at the Plenary Hall of the House of Representatives as the guest of Congressman Eric Olivarez, the Representative of the 1st District of Parañaque. On a separate meeting, Chairman Lee and Cong. Olivarez discussed about applicable action plans of peace building in the Philippines based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) drafted by HWPL. Last year (October 9, 2017), the Office of Cong. Olivarez filed a House Resolution in support for HWPL's peace initiatives.

On January 26th, leaders of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism along with about 400 students of University of Makati gathered together at the WARP Office Meeting to make an interfaith dialogue aiming of promoting peace activities among religious leaders and develop deeper understanding among religions.

Especially, the religious leaders dealt with the recent news that happened at the Republic of Korea regarding 'coercive conversion' which led to a murder case because some Korean organizations slandered activities of other religious leaders in connection with the rise of religious rights and interests and to guarantee the participation of pure religious people.

During this time, HWPL and all religious leaders promised in front of the students a commitment to work for the  freedom of religion, human rights and peace.

On January 23rd, HWPL signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippine government,  represented by Commissioner Ronald L. Adamat and Dr Albert Añosa, Chief of Staff, Office of Commissioner Adamat with the goal of systematically implementing and expanding peace education in Philippine's higher education.

" Historical the peace agreement to be sign from now as we promote in all State University and Higher Education, peace is also my advocacy. I notice that peace is not part of curriculum. We will indicate peace and value in curriculum so is should be develop in comphensive manner." Dr. Ronald L. Adamat, Commissioner of Higher Education emphasized. (MJ Olvina- Balaguer, 09053611058, maryjaneolvina@gmail.com)



History, Development and Future Directions form one of the two presentations in the first session. Mariano A. Dumia, MA, MNSA, the Retired Chief of Missions and the former Charge d affairs of the Philippine Embassy in Tehran and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of International Studies at Miriam College gave his presentation entitled 50 years and beyond,

The genesis, development, challenges and future of Philippine-Iran Relations. His talk was more or less about his experiences being in Iran while Dr. Henelito A. Sevilla from the ASEAN Center of the University of the Philippines in Diliman and the current President of the Philippine-Iran Cultural and Scientific Society’s presentation is entitled Which way to go?

Analyzing the political, economic and cultural direction of the Philippines and Iran Relations. It was found out that the so-called independent policy of the government is not in reality but only on paper since both countries are former ally of the United States. Iran relinquished its allegiance while the Philippines stayed.

The second session broke out with the revolutions and a comparative approach. Dr. Potre Diampuan the Regional Coordinator of the Asian and the Pacific Inter-Faith Dialogue delivered her presentations entitled A Theoretical Study of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and the Filipino People Power while Maria Pamela Zainab M. Javier, a writer and Assistant Editor of the cultural Perspective magazine’s presentation revolves around the topic, movements of change,

the Islamic revolution in Iran and the people power revolution in the Philippines. In the open form, several topics where asked and answered. Some of which where related to padang karbala or where the Filipino Muslims in Sulu faught against the Americans.

There where also points about the 124,000 prophets, about Imam Hussein, the Grandson of the Prophet Mohammad and a quote from the Prophet Jesus which states that “His word (talking of the Qur’an) is only a Bridge, and wise men build his house in the Bridge. Continuation is at the ISLAM page./// mike balaguer

IRAN Embassy’s Cultural Encounter with Historic Radyo Bandido; IRAN’s Culture has ties to Philippines and IRANIANS says it’s more fun in the Philippines

IRAN Embassy’s Cultural Encounter with Historic Radyo Bandido; (the continuation from the frontpage)

Obrero and the two Persian Guru of Culture and Arts talk candidly about things that aren’t usually being brought about in the mainstream news like the Persians appreciation with arts and crafts by which Filipinos also do, the admiration of film and visual arts and of course science like medicine and industry.

Although its not an unusual fact to read Filipinos having to excel in other countries, because of the large number of overseas Filipinos working in Iran some of them might have taken very important responsibilities in their respective fields of endeavor in the Islamic Republic.

Dr. Amiri sites specific examples on what Filipinos and Iranians likes and dislikes, in mathematics these are common denominators. Both people liked Football and Basketball although it’s a fact that the Iranians are quite taller than most Filipinos including basketball players. Says that more Iranians married Filipina and settles in the country for good, some even established their business and or worked in the country as professionals.

Dr. Samadi on the one hand told www.diaryongtagalog.net in that particular radio interview to love themselves as people. “Filipinos should love themselves first and don’t look at the west for identity, there’s a lot of things you can be proud of” He says that both are Asians, them being in the west of the asian continent while the Philippines is in the east. The analogy is pictured as a house by which on the western side is Iran and on the Eastern side is the Philippines.

DZRJ 810 Khz AM is the only English AM radio in the Country but in its long history, it has been called not “the voice of the Philippines” just yet but “radyo bandido” one of the few radio stations to air back in the 1986 EDSA revolution, a small voice in the wilderness that contributed much in societal change. Commonalities shared by the two people, the Islamic Republic of Iran also has its share of changes and revolutions paths crossed and lives uplifted./// Abdulmalik MN Balaguer.

IRAN’s Culture has ties to Philippines (continuation from the frontpage)

The Ambassador Mohammadi is young and idealist. I don’t know if its true but as I observed in the course of our interview I think he’s very intelligent and very well knew what he’s doing and ever fit for his job. We talked then about science, in particular all about nuclear science by which their country is being watched for allege nuclear weapons proliferation.

Iran has its share of history especially in the sciences, Mohammadi says that before the success of their Islamic Revolution, by then the world discourage the establishment of a nation where the infusion of religious and secular ideas could merge and effectively govern a country, their critics in the west though that it cannot work but in the modern Iran, indeed an Islamic Republic worked.

Iran’s atomic science is advance and they are using it for peaceful purposes. Education is an investment no one can steal and take away, the Iranian people values education even in ancient times or before their Islamic Revolution.

The Iranian come to the Philippines mostly to study and the knowledge they acquire established a relationship between both nations cemented by mutual respect, brotherhood and cooperation.

The ambassador lamented that the government should give a chance to revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, he believed in the Filipinos knowledge and ability to operate the BNPP. The commonalities in science, art appreciation and culture particularly in Islam as 2nd large religion in the country proved that Iran ‘s culture is indeed has ties with the Philippines. /// Michael N. Balaguer



LIMANG dakilang indibidwal buhat sa lima ring bansa ang mapalad na binigyang parangal ngayong taon ng prestihiyosong Ramon Magsaysay Awards, ang sinasabing katumbas ng Nobel Prize ng Europa. Ginanap sa cultural center of the Philippines Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, Ika-31 ng Agosto, 2013 na dinaluhan ni Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno bilang keynote speaker.

Kabilang sa mga ginawaran ngayong taon ay ang Pilipinong si Dr. Ernesto Domingo ng University of the Philippines Manila sa kanyang adbokasiya na katiyakan ng healthcare para sa mga mahihirap na kanyang sinasabing ang tunay na misyon ng medisina. ang 76 taong gulang na doktor ay isa ring National Scientist at miyembro ng National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).

Ang grupong Indones buhat sa Indonesia na Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi o ang pagpapanumbalik ng tiwala ng masa sa pamamagitan ng katiwa-tiwalang krusada kontra korapsyon. Ang kanilang grupo ay nagpakulong na ng mga magnanakaw sa kanilang bansa mula mga maliliit na kawani hanggang mga “big fish”.

Si Lahpai Seng Raw ng Myanmar, sa ilang dekadang digmaang sibil sa kanilang bansa kung saan hirap sumulong ang bayan dahil sa gulo, ninais niya ang tunay na kapayapaan sa pamamagitan ng pag uugnay ng konseptong advancing peace through inclusive development, ang kanyang organisasyon ay tumutulong sa kanyang mga kababayan tuwing may kalamidad o sa mga kababayan niyang nasa gitna ng labanan.

Si Governor Habiba Sarabi, ang kaisa isang babaeng lider sa bansang bantog na patriyarkal o di kumikilala sa kakayahan ng kababaihan ay nagtagumpay at ngayon nga ay binigyang parangal. Buhat sa Afghanistan. Governor siya ng probinsya ng Bamyan at itinalaga bilang Ministro ng Women’s Affairs, Siya lamang ang tanging babae na naluklok sa nasabing posisyon at itinuturing na magandang halimbawa ng pagsulong ng mga kababaihan sa kanilang bansa.

Ang grupong Shakti Samuha ng Nepal ay ginawaran ng parangal dahil sa ginawa nilang pagtulong sa mga biktima ng human trafficking buhat sa kanilang bansa patungong India. Tinutulungan nila ang mga biktimang kababaihan na makabangon at maging mga lider sa mga larangang papasukan ng mga ito. Mga tulong sa trabaho, hanapbuhay at edukasyon ang isinusulong ng mga kababaihang buhat sa pagiging biktima at nagtagumpay sa buhay. Ang Ramon Magsaysay Awards ay isang parangal na taunang iginagawad sa mga katangi tanging tao o grupo sa Asya na may dakilang layuning hango sa mga ideals ng dating Pangulo ng Pilipinas na si Ramon Magsaysay. (michael n balaguer)


kuwento ng pakikipag ugnayan sa mga bansa sa asya